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Badcock & more in Hartsville SC has shady business practices. I ordered three pieces of furniture from this location on March 2, 2018 and was advised that it would be available for pickup on Tuesday, March 6th.

I advised the assistant store manager whom was assisting me that I would be in on Wednesday to pick up due to my work schedule. Upon arriving on Wednesday morning March 7th. The “store manager” advised that pick up days and times were Tuesday’s and Friday’s between the hours of 2PM - 6PM (working hours for “most” people). That information was not shared with me prior to the purchase., otherwise I would have made other arrangements.

We offered to sign a waiver and pick up the furniture ourselves to no avail. This person clearly went out of her way to ensure that this was the most unpleasantness experience ever. She went so far as to show two placards at the very ends of a round counter facing outward (that you wouldn’t see unless you were on the ends facing them) with the dates of pickup. Okay, no problem....

I asked for a return on the purchase because I wasn’t driving 45 minutes back to Hartsville for a third time on Friday. She advised that due to the amount it would take up to 14 days to get a refund (paper check) from corporate. Unacceptable, it took less than 10 minutes to be electronically debited, why can’t it be returned in the same method of payment? She said “ due to the amount of the return it would have to come from corporate”.

I go out to my car and contact customer service whom advised that a return could be made to my credit card, that if it was cash a check would have to come from corporate and could take up to 14 days. She further stated that a manager had to be present to do the return. I go back in the store and ask the person that I was dealing with if she was the store manager and she advised that she was. I proceeded to let her know that customer service representative advised that she was able to do the return in question with my card.

She states “ok”. I walk back out to my car to retrieve my purse with my Visa card in it. When I approached the counter, I calmly stated how unprofessional this experience has been, and how I had gone to three different Badcock stores before finding and purchasing it there; and how sad it was that she was so eager to lose a customer as oppose to keeping one. The entire time she’s not acknowledging anything that I’ve said.

She picks up my original receipt and writes “cancelled sale” on it and said that was my return. I argued that I needed a receipt showing that a return actually took place. She advised that this was all she had. I said no mam I have no recourse once I exit these doors that a return actually took place.

She snatched up my paper and said “I can write it on the back, that’s all you’re getting”. At this point I am furious, I told her that she was being very nonchalant and acting like a “B”. At this point, a guy whom was sitting (hanging out) in the store the entire time jumps up and tells her to call the law and proceeds to argue with me. She calls 911 and states that there is a customer refusing to leave the store as well as gives a description of what I’m wearing; yet never stated why I wasn’t leaving.

At this point I haven’t done anything wrong, and didn’t mind waiting on law enforcement. While waiting I contact customer service again to see why is it that can’t I get a receipt for this so called return that took place. Amazingly before I could actually speak with someone, she was able to produce a credit card return. Needless to say I waited for law enforcement and explained why I was being accused of refusing to leave.

The entire time prior to law enforcements arrival the person hanging out in the store encouraging an argument. Had she refunded my $1721.52, and given me a receipt all of this could have been avoided. She lied stating that she couldn’t do a credit card return, then lied stating that there was not a receipt available for the refund, as well as called law enforcement on me when she supposedly couldn’t produce a refund. I will never shop at the Hartsville location again.

People like this should not be allowed to work with the public in a customer service fashion. Hangout guy kept saying that they have it all in camera, which doesn’t bother me. I just hope that someone takes the time to look at the recordings and see how customers are being mistreated.

There is no reason why this process should have taken the route that it did, and law enforcement be involved because the person that called “claimed” she couldn’t produce a receipt. Apparently she realized how the situation looked on her part, and produced the needed documentation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Badcock Home Furniture Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Badcock Home Furniture Verified Representative

Thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share your story. We apologize for the frustrations and inconveniences you encountered, but are happy to hear that you were able to receive the refund you requested.

to W.S.BadcockCares #1443402

Share my story??? This was very much an unpleasant experience to say the least.

I sincerely hope that whomever the area manager is take the time review the sold called cameras. Rest assured my experience with Badcock Home Furnishings & More in Hartsville, SC will be shared on every platform.

These are unacceptable practices in my opinion. One should not be expected to leave an establishment where a return transaction has occurred without a refund receipt for said transaction.

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