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In 2009, I bought a Serta mattress and box springs from Badcock furniture

in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. I moved to Alabama in January 2010. The mattress began falling in on each side, I would turn it around, a week later that side would cave in. I contacted the Sylacauga, Al store, they referred me to the Fort Walton, Fl store, they sent me back to Sylacauga store. They sent someone out, the mattress had a small spot on it, they said that voided the warranty. I am still turning the mattress around. but the cave in's are still there and they aren't any better. I paid a lot of money (to me) for this set and I am not pleased at all. Since I have tried working with the store about it with no help, what can you do?

Elna Green

36 Springvalley Road

Sylacauga, Alabama 35150


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I had the same issue and they told me that my warranty was voided but that is ridiculous because I paid a lot of money for this mattress and it had dips on the left and ride side. The mattress is only a year old. Something should have to be done


I bought a king size mattress and other furniture from mulberry Florida and the mattress does the same thing you described!I have to sleep in the middle of it !

Now I live in New York and Babcock isn't here but they wouldn't fix the other furniture either so what's the point !Class action lawsuit time

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #676091

call serta direct and complain to the better buisness bereau


OSHA will not permit furniture store to exchange bedding with human gross stains on them" next time buy a mattress protector and you will be safe! Seriously why should some delivery guy have to touch your soil spot?

to Deb #580270

Deb, no one was asking for an exchange. Furniture stains with normal wear. If they had a warranty on a product that poorly constructed/defective, that product should have been replaced!

to Anonymous #587702

Dude I have a mattress protector on my bed and I have no stains!Only body fluids would be on a mattress, right!

A stain should void any warranty!Do you the that the acidity in urane can break down the coil unit?..and in your opinion what is a normal stain on a mattress?


Ok agree.They won't honor my mattress either.

I just call them Hellcock.

They suck.Sorry furniture

to jenpooh #587703

Let me guess they had reason!Stain, abuse or what!

Did you have a protector on the bed!

Did the mattress develope a dip the the middle because you have a frame from the 50's with no support thingy in the middle!I am sure they do not operate to *** people off!!!

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